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PositivelyPittsburghLive, Pittsburgh Private Schools, Ellis School and Eden Christian Academy

“Pittsburgh Private Schools”
Show Date: August 18, 2008

Click on title to listen to archived show to learn more about these two great Pittsburgh Area Private Schools.

Two private schools in the area joined Positively Pittsburgh Live to share news about their institutions. Eden Christian Academy President Sam Siple and The Ellis School Director of Upper Schools Robin Newham were on the call.

Due to some technical difficulties, we lost Sam early on, but here is some of what he did share:

Eden Christian Academy is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and is the largest Christian school in western Pennsylvania, with 600 students and three campuses (K-12). Sam is the second President of the Academy, and was formally a Vice President at Geneva College in Beaver Falls.

He will return on the next episode to continue his discussion on Eden Christian Academy, so be sure to tune in. The show still went on and it was an informative one at that.

Robin of The Ellis School gave some great information into the ins and outs of her school. Founded in 1916, the school is independent with no religious affiliation. They are a college preparatory school for girls (pre K-12) and they are located in Shadyside.

Robin shared how motivated and active her students are, and how that keeps her there (she’s been there for 27 years!). Her expertise really makes this episode exciting as she talks about financial aid options, how private schools differ from public schools, the creative faculty at Ellis, and the unique courses offered. Below are some fast facts, but listen to the show to get the entire scoop!

• Total Enrollment: 470 students
• Student to faculty ratio: 6:1
• Faculty: 77, of whom 65% hold advanced degrees
Six faculty members hold PhD’s and two have J.D’s
• 22% of students receive need-based financial aid
• Students represent 62 zip codes and 35 school districts
• 25% of the student body are people of color
• Over 50 clubs are available to middle and upper school students
• Approximately 50% of the senior class is recognized as an Advanced
Placement Scholar by the College Board.
• In addition to financial aid, 1.3 million dollars of merit aid for college was
awarded to the class of 2005

Contact the school at 412-661-5992 or visit www.theellisschool.org for more information.

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