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Positively Pittsburgh Live, Private Schools "Continued", August 25, 2008

“Pittsburgh Private Schools continued”

Listen in as The Kiski School Headmaster Chris Brueningsen, Eden Christian Academy President, Sam Siple, and Bishop Canevin High School Development Director David Jakielo share information on their institutions.

Eden will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and is the largest Christian school in western Pennsylvania, with 600 students and three campuses (K-12). Sam is the second President of the Academy, and was formally a Vice President at Geneva College in Beaver Falls.

Listen in to hear about the five core values of the school (Christ Centeredness, The Authority of God’s Word, Excellence, Partnership with Parents, and Education of the Whole Child), the plans for the 25th year celebrations, and the record growth at their campuses.

Kiski will celebrate its 121st year this September, and is an all boy’s school grades (9-12). Kiski is a college prep school as well as a boarding school, with most of the students and teachers living right on campus.

Listen in about the mission of Kiski, exciting sports opportunities at the institution, and what it’s like to go to school and live there at the same time.

An exciting development on the horizon at Kiski is the new student center that will open in a few months. It was designed with lots of input from the students themselves, and the buzz around school is very positive.

Bishop Canevin High School is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and has over 500 students. It is a Catholic high school, but students can attend no matter what their religious affiliation. Listen in about the student leadership program, the 25 activities offered such as the student musical, forensics, and the Future Business Leaders of America, and about the stellar sports teams.

Bishop Canevin News: The football team just moved up to AA and an open house is planned for November.

For more details on these schools, download Episode 83 today!

Guest Contact information:

Sam Siple,
Eden Christian Academy

Chris Brueningsen,
Kiski School

David Jakielo
Bishop Canevin High School

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