Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Best Pittsburgh Memory and a Love Story Too--From a Guy!

It's not often that you find those big burly guys telling their love stories or recounting their "mushy" memories. But not only did we have one in our Pittsburgh" Greatest Memories Contest but it was a great story about a Pittsburgh icon, The Grove, and the first real love of his life. You can read Gregg Matthis' story, "How I Met Your Mom" in the forum of Positive Pittsburghers at www.pospittlive.ning.com in the FORUM on the front page.

Greg is the owner of SLFF or Smells Like Frecnh Fries which is a company that cleans and reclaims restaurant cooking oil. This seems like a sometimes messy, smelly job but his Pittsburgh's Greatest Memory that he told to win the Positively Pittsburgh Live contest smells like a rose to us.

Greg won eight tickets to Memories of Motown at Jimmy G's Restaurant and Catering in Sharpsburg and reported for the Roving Pittsburgher of PPL that the food was fantastic and the show was even better.

Watch for other upcoming contests on Positively Pittsburgh Live Talkcast, which will also be broadcast on Positive Pittsburghers and the newly launching PositivelyPittsburghLiveMagazine.com.

Congratulations, Greg Matthis, for having the nerve and style to tell your Greatest Pittsburgh Memory.

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