Friday, May 9, 2008

Vote for Pittsburgh Pirates Number One Fan

KZ Zimmerman’s Mom:

By the way, first place is now going to a young man in Texas. Nice kid but are we going to let that Happen?

This is SO cool; my nephew nominated my mom for World's biggest pirates fan. She truly is....she continues to watch them even though they most always lose.

PLEASE go to the website via the link below, scroll down to the VOTE bar, click. Mom is presently #2. Her pics are of her at PNC park with a ball she got, one with Jeff Cox (former 3rd base coach) and her at Spring training this yr in FL. We grew up on pirates baseball b/c she always watched or listened to the games. Scroll all the way to the bottom of that page and click next to GRACE ZIMMERMAN and VOTE!


I'm submitting this entry on behalf of Grace Zimmerman. She will be 87 in June and has been a Pirate fan since her family got their first radio around 1935. She used to listen with her dad, who was also a big fan of the team. Grace started by listening to Rosie Rosewell and has followed the team through eight decades, and there is a brick with her name on it next to the Honus Wagner statue outside PNC Park. Even when the Pirates are having a down year she still listens/watches through game #162, and, of course, roots for the National League team in the World Series each fall.

See her pictures in gallery below.

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