Saturday, March 29, 2008

Episode 56, 1 Year Anniversary Positively Pittsburgh Live; Pittsburgh Authors

Episode 56, 1 Year Anniversary Positively Pittsburgh Live; Pittsburgh Authors

The line up of Pittsburgh Authors was diverse and nothing short of brilliant. It’s amazing when you get a group of creative people together who have not previously talked how recurring themes emerge. And that is the most I am going to say about that because I don’t want to spoil the show for you.

Check out this line-up:

• Nancy Stampahar; "Peace, Love, Lemonade, a recipe to make your life sweeter;"
• Gina Mazza Hillier; “Everything Matters, Nothing Matters;” “Romancing the Future;” co-author, “Cosmic Kids”
• John Brewer: “African Americans in Pittsburgh;” also “Pittsburgh Jazz”
• Diane Fletcher and Weston Lyon: “Creating Space 39 Strategies To Help You Make Time for What's Important;”
• Weston Lyon: “Fit in Fifteen;” “Use it to Lose It”
• Joyce Faulkner, For Shrieking Out Loud;“In the Shadow of Suribachi;" "Sunchon Tunnel Massacre Survivors"
• Lisa L. Spahr: “WWII Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion;”

Guest bios:

John M. Brewer, Jr., is a historian and consultant for the Pittsburgh Courier archive project, a consultant for the Carnegie Museum of Art's Charles Teenie Harris photograph project and the curator and founder of the Trolley Station Oral History Center and author of the Black American Series African Americans in Pittsburgh. John also owns one of the largest banquet ballroom facilities in Pittsburgh, the Coliseum. John is one of the foremost authorities in the country on African American History and a much sought after researcher and speaker. John’s unique brand of historical story telling has added much to the history of African American Culture in Pennsylvania and around the country.

Joyce Faulkner I writes history, historical fiction and humor. Her blogs are: and She is a speaker and consultant for folks who want to write and publish books. In particular, she works with the veteran community – although she has helped all sorts of people write their stories and publish them. She evaluates books that people have written and gives them advice on how to prepare their writing for publication. She ghostwrites for those who have a story but do not wish to write it themselves.

Diana Fletcher Author, Speaker, & TotalHealth Coach
Diana is the author of Creating Space. She’s also the publisher of a monthly newsletter called TotalHealth. Diana is an energized, yet down-to-earth speaker for businesses, organizations, and associations on how to reach TotalHealth. Diana is a recognized authority on fitness & nutrition. Using her experience and knowledge, she helps clients find time to exercise and eat right. Diana works with individuals, as well as entire families (at once).

Gina Mazza Hillier is a journalist, editor, co-author of two nonfiction books and a founding partner of Epiphany Works, LLC. To learn more about Gina and her upcoming book events and media appearances, visit:, and Everything Matters, Nothing Matters is for the woman who finds herself overworked, under-inspired and lost amid the demands of spouse, house, kids and kin, and/or long hours at an unfulfilling job – with zero time for herself. Its 7-step plan encourages readers to step back, get real and joyfully reclaim who they are.

Weston Lyon Author, Speaker, & KING of the Functional Fitness Jungle Weston is the author of the internationally recognized book USE IT TO LOSE IT. Weston is a passionate, dynamic speaker who is a master at bringing the audience to life and getting them involved. He speaks to companies, organizations, and associations across the country on…Weston personally coaches a select group of clients in the picturesque town of Sewickley, PA. As one of the leading authorities on functional fitness, Weston helps his clients become stronger, more flexible, and full of energy.

Lisa L. Spahr, Author and Life Coach Lisa Spahr is a master’s level psychologist and sole proprietor of Spahr Consulting, a life coaching business based in Pittsburgh. She has an extensive background working in law and psychiatry and the military and policing domains with respect to human performance and optimization. Before finishing her book she could be found on a military base wearing a gas mask, firing an M-16 and leading a squad of soldiers through a simulated village; or flying over L.A. with the L.A.P.D. during a gang takeover; interviewing psychopaths in prison; or teaching our front-line officers how to stop a suicide bombers.

Nancy Stampahar is an organizational development consultant, trainer and keynote speaker who earned her degree in human resource management and created her own business, Silver Lining Solutions®, after she decided to make lemonade. Nancy delivers a new, clever twist to the "When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade" metaphor. From her real-life personal and professional stories and examples, Nancy Stampahar explores the power of choice with a practical, how-to approach to empower people to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Despite the echo in audio which my sound engineer, Greg Matthis, is trying hard to alleviate with editing, this is a great talk cast. ( By the way, this is the first time that I have ever had this kind of audio challenge on Talk Shoe. Someone called in on the call using VOIP microphone and did not have their volume turned down. It was not a guest but a listener.)

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