Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Latest Testimonials, Positively Pittsburgh Live Talk Cast

Thanks so much Joanne for the link. I listened to most of the broadcast and found it very informative and enjoyable.
I'm impressed with your show and guests, and have found many interesting topics in the archives.
I must commend you on covering Pittsburgh so well and most especially focusing attention toward African-American events during Black History Month. This is the type of coverage we covet and the community deserves.


I enjoyed talking with you and participating on the show. I most especially enjoyed the other guests. They are doing wonderful things in Pittsburgh and obviously there is cause for optimism.
And as for you, may God bless you with success as you use your voice and skills to share his goodness. Thank you for including me as a representative of the North Hills Ebony Women. Take care and God bless.

Joyfully, Joy M. W.

Dear Joanne,
It was a pleasure to be part of your Monday February 11th' Round table.
You gave us, and all the participants a big drum to let the whole
Pittsburgh's Village and probably the world know about our respective
programs and philosophies. We are honored to have you as a friend, and to
know that we have people like you who are doing great things for our
We are looking forward to have you with us during our Heritage Party at Envy
Lounge on the 22nd.
Once again thank you for letting us be part of your show.

A. Tamo Noche
Founder AfricaQuest
Reconnecting People to Their African Roots

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